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You don't need a huge tech team or an external agency. With Publisha's PAYG advisory services, you have all the answers. Right when you need them.

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Consultants are everywhere. A true expert is a rare find.

One of the biggest challenges of running a media business is choosing the right people to support you on your journey.

We all know publishers who spend thousands on consultants and supposed ‘experts’ that ultimately never deliver a positive ROI.

The publishing industry is a unique beast. Consultants should have extensive publishing expertise and understands not just how the industry looks like now, but how it will operate in the future.

That’s why we  always offer new clients a free 30-minute consultation with us first.

It’s the only way to ensure both parties are aligned and that the relationship contributes to the bottom line.

No question is too big, small, obvious or obscure.

We love finding clever solutions to complex problems.

Technical advice:

  • How do I set up Adtech?
  • What is the best CMS for my publication?
  • How do I integrate bulk email marketing into my CMS?
  • How do I collect and use data to build audiences?

Business and leadership advice:

  • Which revenue model is best for my business?
  • Where can I find good media salespeople?
  • What's needed in a P&L report?
  • How do I raise capital or prepare my business for sale?

Editorial and content advice:

  • What should I include in a content strategy?
  • How do I optimise our editorial workflow?
  • How do I prioritise underperforming content?
  • What’s the best way to run a newsroom?



The team behind Publisha

Ben May Publisha

Ben is the founder and Managing Director of one of Australia's most technically advanced WordPress development agencies - The Code Company.

Over the last decade, Ben has worked with over 50 digital publishers; from large enterprise publishers, to emerging startups. Working with such a diverse range of media organisations gives him a rare and insightful perspective of the publishing landscape.

When he's not leading tech development projects and directing digital strategy, Ben enjoys sharing his knowledge at conferences such as Mumbrella Publish and WordCamps.

Ben's passion for helping smaller publishers navigate the complex technical ecosystem is what inspired him to co-found Publisha.

Martin Lane

Martin is a publishing entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in the UK, Australia and Asia.

His start-ups include Travolution, the UK's first media brand for the online travel industry; Mumbrella, Asia-Pac's leading B2B publishing and event brand for the media and marketing industry; Cannabiz, the first media platform to service Australia's legal cannabis sector; and Publisha.

He is a former board member of Publishers Australia and the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association and led the sale of Mumbrella to Diversified Communications in December 2017.

Martin is passionate about equipping publishers with the right strategic advice to help them thrive at a time of unprecedented disruption and opportunity.

Featured On-Demand Consultant

Alex Dickinson

Alex has been in the journalism industry over 12 years at publications in Australia and the US including Bloomberg, the New York Post and Gizmodo Media Group.

With a wide experience in most newsrooms from reporter to managing/news editor, homepage editor to executive management.

He has extensive experience working alongside editorial product teams, managing newsrooms and newsroom workflows and helped re-launch the websites of three major outlets.

Alex can advise on everything from working with newsrooms on the product discovery process to editorial strategy, audience development and newsroom operations

Featured On-Demand Consultant

Data and business intelligence for publishers

Simon brings over 30 years' experience of leadership and management in B2B & B2C media organizations. 

As President at Informa Group PLC, he leads a large a business intelligence division, utilizing data science and machine learning to transform a traditional subscription business

In his former roles at RELX, Travolution and Travelport he developed the travel industry's first ecommerce marketplace and drove digital transformation, growing paid-for-content revenues.

Simon welcomes the opportunity to help support your business through his significant experience of the digital media and technology landscape.


Martin is a gifted publisher with a deep understanding of the media landscape and how to build a new media product from scratch. I love bouncing ideas off him - he’s my go to when I need to explore new publishing ideas.

Kylie Ahern Publisher and Editor, The Brilliant.